Developer Services

Regional Strata NSW provides speciality services for developers working hand in hand with solicitors and other professionals through the development process from the initial planning through to the holding of the First Annual General Meeting.

We see our role as buying into the developer’s vision on how the scheme will operate long after the development has been completed and all sales settled.For simpler schemes we might only become involved once the plan of subdivision has been registered.

Regional Strata NSW can provide developers with the following services:

  • Advice on how the applicable legislation affects the proposed development
  • Advice on how certain by-laws registered on title can facilitate speedier sales
  • Advice on management statementsAssistance with the engagement of service providers and contractors
  • Establishment of the statutory books and records
  • Preparation of budgets and propose contributions for marketing purposes
  • The arrangement of statutory insurancesPrompt issue if section 184 and section 26 certificates prior to settlement
  • Convening the First Annual General Meeting