Our Duties

We carry out our duties with integrity.

Our duties include
  1. Act as Secretary & Treasurer of the  Strata Committee of the Owners Corporation and exercise and perform the powers and duties of those office bearers imposed by the Act.
  2. Arrange in the name of and as required by the Owners Corporation normal day to day maintenance, repair and replacement of the common property and personal property vested in the Owners Corporation, but excluding any special attendance at the parcel for this purpose.
  3. Arrange and attend by appointment (during business hours at the Agent’s office and for up to  one hour in each case) the Annual General Meeting or one other meeting (either General or  Strata Committee) during any yearly period.
  4. Act (on request by, or in the absence of, the Chairperson) as Chairperson of any meeting of the Owners Corporation or its Strata Committee.
  5. Ensure that insurances are effected and promptly renewed in accordance with the Act.
  6. Accept appointment as the Public Officer of the Owners Corporation.
  7. Disburse moneys in accordance with the Act and the terms of the agreement.
  8. Maintain the records of the Owners Corporation required by law.
  9. Prepare as necessary budgets and reports and keep all records necessary to facilitate such preparation.
  10. Provide, so far as is reasonable, general advice and assistance to the Owners Corporation and the members of its Strata Committee.
  11. Have possession of and care for the records and documents of the Owners Corporation.
  12. Implement credit control procedures for contributions and advise regarding recovery.
  13. Have custody of the common seal and attest is affixation for the purpose of exercising or performing any of the function delegated in this agreement.
  14. Generally implement the decisions of the Owners Corporation and its Strata Committee, but not so as to impose any obligation on the Agent which is otherwise intended to fall under the Act.
  15. Comply with the law that applies to Strata Managing Agents.
  16. Ensure, so far as is practicable, that the Owners Corporation complies with its obligations imposed by any Management Statement existing at the date of the agreement.
  17. All meetings held in our meeting room.