Strata Hub

The NSW Government has been developing a centralised database to hold information for every strata scheme, called the “Strata Hub”.  Launching on 30th June 2022, with the Owners Corporation having three months to upload the required data.  There will be ongoing annual updates of selected information also required.  The Strata Hub Information Sheet provides further information.

It will be necessary delegation of authority to Regional Strata NSW authorising the upload of required information to the Strata Hub.  The strata committee will also need to formally appoint a secretary and chairperson (this can be the same person), along with an emergency contact person (must be an onsite contact).

As there are still many details yet to be resolved or clarified by the Government, we will be moving forward with delegation of authority and contact details of secretary, chair and emergency contact initially.  And pausing any other activity until further clarification of the Strata Hub’s operation is provided.  We expect rapid action from the government in the next few weeks leading up to the launch on 30th June 2022.